Clean-up Information

River: Camp Creek Tributary/ Chattahoochee River

Contact Email:

Contact Phone: (678) 895-4840

Event Date | Time: 03/18/2023 | 10:00 am to 12:00 pm

Many of the waterways and tributaries connecting to major rivers near Atlanta, GA (Chattahoochee River) need to be cleaned. Because the Chattahoochee River supplies Atlanta with 70% of its drinking water, communities should be involved in understanding the impact of having clean waterways and participate in keeping those areas clean.

Expected Impact:
A major part of our organizations goals is to encourage youth to focus on health & wellness, as well as become involved in aquatics in their natural surroundings. Under our outreach education initiative, we have recently launched an environmental leaders and mentors program to help advocate for conservation and environmental stewardship, focusing on bodies of water. We understand that having a healthy, clean environment plays a role in our mental and physical wellbeing, gives us pride in our surroundings, and connects us with nature. In the program, we hope to:
• clean tributaries leading to river
• increase youth participation in our environmental stewardship outreach program and events
• connect with surrounding community
• educate community about taking care of our natural water sources

Educational literature, cleaning supplies, river clean up swag

Although we teach how to stay safe in and around water, we want to add more emphasis on taking care of our natural water ways and advocate the importance of caring for the ecosystems that thrive within neighborhoods. As a result of the work and volunteer service, we will have cleaner, healthier water sources.

The youth in our community will work with the organization to develop plans to keep water ways clean. We have invited the surrounding elementary, middle, and high school students to participate in the day and to join our youth environmental water safety program.