5th Annual Centralia Cleanup

EPCAMR will once again be bringing together our annual cleanup partners and volunteers, old and new, back down to Centralia, PA to pick up where the illegal dumpers have left off. Over the course of the next few weeks, we’ll be posting details on the event as they develop. Please begin to spread the word and SHARE, SHARE, SHARE the event. We’ll be seeking some donations, always looking for pickup trucks, JEEPS, and of course, any refreshments, water, chips, food donations for lunch to be sure to feed everyone. Contact Bobby Hughes, if you have any suggestions and things that you can offer or donate. Sponsors will be added as they reach out to come on board to support the effort.

EPCAMR has already secured $1750 towards the cleanup through an ARIPPA Grant from the Co-Generation Trade Association that has been a long-term partner. We are sure to receive additional financial support from Joe Sapienza, Director of the recently released documentary, dumpster donations from Mostik’s Disposal, and EPCAMR for now. EPCAMR will be sharing this event with the surrounding regional colleges who have partnered with us in the past as well.

EPCAMR is pushing for a finalization decision from the PA Department of Community of Economic Development (PA DCED) to allow the placement of security cameras around the Borough in unsuspected locations before the event. Some funds that are expected to be raised will be dedicated towards the purchase of a camera surveillance system that EPCAMR has discussed with our partner, Keep PA Beautiful.

EPCAMR wants to find a way to obtain t-shirts this year for our volunteers in a safety orange/black color similar to the EPCAMR Staff shirt often worn by Bobby and Mike. We’ll be looking for sponsors and logos for the shirt.

EPCAMR has reached out to Pagnotti Enterprises, another long-time partner of the cleanup about access to Graffiti Highway to remove all trash, spray paint cans, tires, and other items thrown over the guard rail all along the Old Route 61 since much of the road has reverted to the adjacent landowners from PA DOT recently. We’re positive that we will be hearing from them soon.

We are going to reach out to Taquiera’s Jzapata’s Mexican Food Truck to see if they he will bring the delicious Food Truck down once again this year if he’s available. We sure could use a DEDICATED GRILLMASTER with a grill who’d like to stay back at the Borough Building before lunch and fire up some hot dogs, hamburgers, and chicken.

EPCAMR reached out to Tom Hynoski about use of the Fire Hall area of the Municipal Building as our Central Command Post, and he has once again agreed to allow us to utilize the space and the restrooms there.

Briefly, areas to be targeted in 2018 are:
+ Roads up the street and to the left from the Municipal Building
+ Along RailRoad Street once again down to the boundary with Blaschak’s Property (area will be flagged-near the dirt hump barricade cul-de-sac)
+ All along Big Mine Run Road down as far as we can get along the roadside and mine discharge from the Centralia Tunnel
+ Around the Odd Fellows Cemetery and the old Caged vents
+ Graffiti Highway (from the top to the bottom and over the guard rails)

ALL volunteers and organizations interested in participating MUST sign a waiver to participate in the event for liability reasons as there will be no other official cleanup event affiliated with this annual event since EPCAMR has a very open line of positive communications and previous relationships with the PA DCED, PA DEP, PA DEP Bureau of Abandoned Mine Reclamation, Pagnotti Enterprises, and Blaschak Coal Company. Signature pages will be available on this page and at the beginning of the event. Children under 14 MUST be accompanied by an adult, be supervised at all times, and sign on their behalf. A mandatory safety briefing will be given by Bobby Hughes, before volunteers are dispersed to various locations throughout the Borough and surrounding areas.

Centraliapa.org has prepared a write up on their website to support the effort. We will reach out to local newspapers to cover the event as well. If anyone has any staff correspondent contacts from the locals down there, please send them to Bobby.

Let’s get ready to get some boots and wheels on the ground and hands in the dirt to continue what we started many years ago…CLEANING UP Centralia for Centralians, past and present! A great sense of COALFIELD COMMUNITY PRIDE is not only what the day has always been about, it’s exactly what Centralia was and still is about!

Cleanup Sign-up

Sign up here to volunteer with your local cleanup. Bringing friends and family with you? Please register each volunteer separately!