What We Are Working On

By focusing our efforts on the issues below, American Rivers is making a significant impact on the health of rivers and communities nationwide. We are ensuring clean water supplies, revitalizing fish and wildlife habitat, improving recreation, and leaving a legacy of healthy rivers for generations to come.

Water Pollution

water pollution in our rivers

We are working with communities to stop polluted runoff and sewage spills, making our rivers and streams safer for for drinking, swimming, fishing and boating. Learn More »

Protecting Water Supplies

ensuring a secure water supply for all

American Rivers helps communities secure reliable and predictable supplies of clean water. And we work to protect the water flowing in rivers, so that it can continue to nourish our communities for years to come. Learn More »

Dams & Hydropower

dam damaging our rivers

American Rivers is the national leader in removing outdated and unsafe dams, and improving the operations of hydropower dams. Learn More »

River Cleanups

cleaning up our rivers

Since 1991, National River Cleanup has offered support to individuals and organizations interested in conducting a cleanup on their local river. Learn More »

Rivers and Climate Change

climate change and its affect on rivers

The impacts of climate change will hit rivers first and worst, in the form of increased droughts, floods, and waterborne diseases. We are helping communities build resilience in the face of these impacts, with healthy rivers as their strongest defense. Learn More »


rivers flooding into local communities

We are helping communities improve their flood protection and boost river health. Learn More »

Blue Trails

paddling on the blue trails

American Rivers is creating blue trails across the country to help people discover rivers and provide connections between urban and rural communities and the great outdoors. Learn More »

Wild & Scenic Rivers

climate change and its affect on rivers

American Rivers fights to protect our nation’s last, best free-flowing rivers with Wild and Scenic River designations. Learn More »