River Guardians are leaders in funding our work to protect, conserve,  and restore our nation’s rivers.

Whether you enjoy paddling the rapids, rafting in whitewater, or exploring along a riverbank by boat or on foot, you’ve experienced the beauty and power of rivers.

With an annual gift of $1,000 or more, you join a community of our most steadfast supporters — friends who, like you, understand the critical role of rivers in clean drinking water, robust ecosystems, and active recreation, and who know the value of safeguarding the health of rivers.

How Your Gift Helps Rivers

We put your gift right to work on strategic issues and in critical locations where your support will have the greatest impact.

Due to the generosity of our River Guardians we are able to:

  • Expand our boots-on-the-ground presence in major U.S. river basins so we can proactively address threats and respond to urgent situations
  • Advocate for river-friendly policies and defend against legislation that would harm rivers
  • Create high-profile campaigns, including the America’s Most Endangered Rivers® report, to raise awareness and action around important issues
  • Boost the efforts of local partner organizations who may not have the expertise or technical know-how to best address local challenges


Thank you for helping to conserve, protect, and restore rivers across America!