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Dam Removal And Historic Preservation: Reconciling Dual Objective

Restoring Damaged Rivers
Did you ever have a favorite place growing up that now, every time you drive by, it reminds you of your childhood? Whether it is a bridge, farm, a dam, or some other memorable landmark, there are historic structures and places across the country that have special significance to... Read More

Reconnecting Floodplains

Conserving Clean Water, Floods & Floodplains, Water Supply
Floodplains are an integral part of healthy rivers and floods are a natural occurrence on rivers. Natural floodplains provide many benefits to people and nature. They provide clean water supplies, recreation opportunities, habitat for fish and wildlife, and when left undeveloped they safely convey flood water. Unfortunately, across the... Read More

Ecology Of Dam Removal

Restoring Damaged Rivers
Rivers and their restoration are complex, and any effort to rehabilitate a river system needs to be based on a sound understanding of the ecological benefits and drawbacks of a proposed restoration plan. Over the past three decades, the scientific community has advanced our understanding of rivers and helped... Read More

Upper Flint River Resiliency Action Plan

Climate Change & Rivers, Most Endangered Rivers, Water Supply
American Rivers’ 2014 Upper Flint River Resiliency Action Plan aims to guide work by a variety of stakeholders to restore drought resilience to the upper Flint River system of west-central Georgia. It follows on discussions and efforts of the Upper Flint River Working Group and on the Running Dry... Read More

The Value Of Green Infrastructure

Climate Change & Rivers, Conserving Clean Water
Communities across the country are struggling to deal with the rising costs of controlling stormwater runoff and sewer overflows. Crumbling infrastructure and the expansion of hard surfaces such as pavement and roofs are sending polluted stormwater and sewage into surrounding waterways with increasing frequency. A changing climate defined by... Read More

Restoring Flows: Financing The Next Generation Of Water Systems – A Strategy For Coalition Building

Climate Change & Rivers, Conserving Clean Water, Water Supply
In this report, Ceres and American Rivers join forces to highlight a range of innovative approaches to creating sustainable financing for our communities’ water systems. The report discusses specific actions that environmentalists, economists, water utilities, water users, financial institutions, foundations, investors and labor groups to create opportunities can adopt... Read More

Natural Defenses: Safeguarding Communities From Floods

Climate Change & Rivers, Restoring Damaged Rivers
Increasing Flood Risk In A Changing Climate The impacts of our changing climate are becoming more apparent every day. In the first decade of the new millennium, extreme rainfall events, combined with changes in land use, have resulted in an increase in flood events and in an increase in... Read More

Money Pit: The High Cost And High Risk Of Water Supply Reservoirs In The Southeast

Conserving Clean Water, Water Supply
Securing reliable supplies of clean water for today and the future is a critical concern for communities across the country, and particularly in the Southeast, where communities are grappling with water scarcity issues more than ever before. This report documents the financial risks and water resource risks tied to... Read More