Case Studies

Some examples of where the IWM philosophy has guided decision-making.


American Water Resources Association Policy Committee—Case Studies in Integrated Water Resource Management: From Local Stewardship to National Vision (2012)

Starts by presenting an overview to the concept and the history and seeks to find common ground among disparate perspectives on the subject. It then delves into seven case studies, each of which include: 1) background information on what prompted IWM efforts, 2) a description of the IWM process, 3) a description of the outcome, 4) the costs and benefits, and 5) key contact information. Together, the case studies seek to provide a foundation for the state of IWM in the United States. 62 pages. Intermediate reading level. Read More [pdf]

Water Alternatives—Developing a Practical Approach to Light IWRM in the Middle East

Discusses the field-testing of an approach called ‘light IWRM’ that is opportunistic, adaptive, decentralized, and incremental—relying heavily on qualified facilitators and simple tools. The method focuses on service delivery but could be adapted for environmental sustainability or other common goals. 15 pages. Difficult reading level. Read More [pdf]


Need a break from reading? Rest your brain for a minute with these videos which provide some more context on the subject.


Alliance for Global Water Adaptation—Climate is Water (2016)

Video about integrating water management into climate change negotiations. Discusses water as a connector of sectors, and the power of public private partnerships and trust to connect rich and poor stakeholders. 2 minutes. Watch the Video…

American Rivers—One Drop

Cartoon and simple introduction to the benefits of GSI. 2 minutes. Watch the video…

Green for All—Green Stormwater Infrastructure Creates Jobs and Opportunity

Brief interviews with leaders across the country implementing GSI on the ground, with a focus on jobs and equity. 3 minutes. Watch the Video…

Mayor’s Innovation Project—Integrated Water Management (2016)

Three webinars featuring leaders in IWM from around the country from cities such as Washington DC, Tucson, AZ, Philadelphia, PA, and Milwaukee, WI. Speakers highlight the opportunities and benefits of IWM that they have witnesses in their personal experience. 3 videos. 1 hour each. Watch the Video…

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