Water is life.

Yet rivers and freshwater ecosystems are among the most imperiled on earth.

When a river runs clean and free, millions of fish can reproduce, feed and grow. Plants, birds and wildlife can flourish along the river’s edge. Life prospers. Free-flowing, clean and strong, they provide our nation’s most important natural resource. Blocked, polluted and reduced in flow, the entire system breaks down, jeopardizing our health and very existence.

The secret to a healthy ecosystem is shockingly simple: keep water clean and let it go where it wants. Millions of fish swim upstream when dams don’t stand in their way. Plants, birds and wildlife have healthy habitats. Fishing, boating and hiking give local livelihoods a boost. Even oceans are healthier.

To ensure the health and vitality of our nation’s rivers, Bogle Vineyards is partnering with American Rivers to provide clean water, recreation and a connection to the greater outdoors.

Bogle Vineyards has donated $17,500 to support American Rivers to ensure the health and vitality of our nation’s rivers.

And to encourage others to give back to nature, Bogle will also make a $5 contribution to American Rivers, up to $2,500 total, when you complete any of the following three activities through March 31, 2022.

They Took the Pledge