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Why Anglers Support the Clean Water Rule

Conserving Clean Water
Fishing has an economic impact of about $115 billion every year. So it stands to reason that the health of our nation’s waters is vital to the health of our economy.... Read More

Earth Day with Plow & Hearth

Most Endangered Rivers, National River Cleanup®
On a windy Earth Day morning I arrived in Madison, Virginia to attend Plow & Hearth’s Earth Day Celebration.  I had the pleasure to join a group of local, sustainable businesses who were tabling at the event. My favorite aspect of this Earth Day event was that there were... Read More

Progress to a Cleaner Water Supply

Conserving Clean Water, Water Supply
This is a guest post by Adam Rissien, Director of Clean Water at the Ohio Environmental Council & OEC Action Fund. I started working for Ohio Environmental Council in August, one week after the infamous water crisis that left more than 500,000 people in Southern Michigan and the Greater Toledo area... Read More

A Hidden Threat

Most Endangered Rivers
Nearly 5 million people a year, from across the country and around the world, are drawn to the amazing expanse and wild nature of the Grand Canyon. Whether by viewing the incomprehensible beauty from along the rims, descending into the depths of the canyon on foot or atop a... Read More

The Verde Way

Blue Trails
I’ve been lucky enough to spend some time in the Verde Valley, as well as paddling the Verde River. It is truly a special place, with the river at the heart of the entire valley.... Read More

Latino communities embrace connections to Colorado River

Most Endangered Rivers
American Rivers and the Hispanic Access Foundation are sparking a dialogue among tens of thousands of Latinos across the Colorado River basin, where one-third of the nation’s Latinos live and work, about the need for a healthy Colorado River.... Read More

Why are We Irrigating in Places With too Much Water?

Most Endangered Rivers, Water Supply
Today's post is a guest blog by Craig Colten. Craig is professor of geography at LSU, Director of Human Dimensions at the Water Institute of the Gulf, and author of Southern Waters: The Limits to Abundance.... Read More

Two Weeks, For the Rivers

Water Supply
As I concluded my second week on staff at American Rivers, floating down the upper Flint River in a kayak with Joe Cook, the Coosa Riverkeeper, I couldn’t help but reflect on the meandering path that brought me here. It was almost exactly 10 years ago that I took... Read More

Pilot Projects Accelerate Meadow Restoration

Floods & Floodplains, Restoring Damaged Rivers, Water Supply
American Rivers and its partners will implement five meadow restoration projects in five watersheds in 2015. Includes a description of how pilot projects like these grow the capacity of the field, and why increased capacity is needed.... Read More