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Blue Trails Connect Families

Blue Trails
“Rivers have always been at the heart of our family time. And we experience great things there together. We’ve watched goslings attempt their first swim, collected snail shells, caught laughably small fish and admirably large fish together, and so much more. Blue Trails help families like mine more easily... Read More

Boating on the Eagle Blue Trail

Blue Trails
There are a number of amazing day and multi-day trips along the Eagle Blue Trail on both the Eagle and Upper Colorado Rivers. There is a fit for every level of paddler as well as great access for fishing, hiking and biking along these terrific reaches of river. Whether... Read More

Fishing on the Eagle Blue Trail

Blue Trails
Fishing the Eagle and Upper Colorado Rivers as a part of the Eagle Blue Trail is one of the most popular recreation activities. Whether you are fishing from the banks on a public access point or casting a line from a boat, there are many opportunities to catch a... Read More

Exploring the Eagle Blue Trail from its Banks

Blue Trails
There are many great ways to enjoy the Eagle Blue Trail from the bank. ECO Trails was created in 1996 to finance mass transit improvements in Eagle County. Part of this program is the Eagle Valley Trail which is a paved path running from east to west through Eagle County, connecting to spur... Read More

Protecting Streams from Coal Mining

Conserving Clean Water, Water Supply
The Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement’s proposed rule, the Stream Protection Rule, will help to protect waterways from the adverse impacts of coal mining.... Read More

Mini-Adventure along the Hot Verde

Blue Trails
Arizona summers are hot, hot, hot! – Fortunately, communities in Northern Arizona’s Verde Valley find solace in the cool currents of the Verde River.... Read More

Making the connection between headwaters and drinking water

Water Supply
This past week I had a chance to see first-hand the connections between headwaters and drinking water that we think about a lot here at American Rivers. I was backpacking with my family in the Vogelsang region of Yosemite National Park under clear blue skies with high Sierra meadows... Read More

Hopeful news for the endangered Columbia River!

Most Endangered Rivers
The endangered Columbia River is the lifeblood of the Pacific Northwest, cranking out energy and irrigation water for the benefit of millions of Pacific Northwest communities, industries, and farms. However, the dams that have provided these long-term benefits have taken their toll on the Columbia native fisheries, including salmon... Read More

Restoring Meadows Like Beavers Lives Depend On It

Restoring Damaged Rivers
“Four point six feet,” I say, pulling a stadia rod out of the water and back onto the inflatable kayak, “but I think it’s deeper over there.” I’m measuring the depth of a beaver pond in a Sierra Nevada meadow that American Rivers is restoring this summer. I paddle... Read More

Protect the threatened Rogue, Smith, and Illinois Rivers

Most Endangered Rivers, Wild and Scenic Rivers
This week, Oregon Senators Wyden and Merkley along with Representatives DeFazio(OR) and Huffman(CA) lead the charge towards protecting the highest concentration of Wild and Scenic Rivers in the contiguous United States. The Smith, Rogue, and Illinois Rivers are threatened by proposed industrial nickel strip mining that could decimate these... Read More