Help Bring Bristol Bay Home!

Bear in Bristol Bay rivers | Bob Waldrop

In 2011, American Rivers partnered with tribes and other organizations to highlight Bristol Bay Rivers on our annual list of America’s Most Endangered Rivers®. Since that time, you have helped us to encourage the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to use their 404(c) authority under the Clean Water Act to veto the Pebble Mine project. Your hard work has really been paying off, but now we need your help again to shut the door on this harmful project!

Right now, the EPA is accepting comments on their proposal to use their Clean Water Act veto on the Pebble Mine. The mine proposal is at the headwaters of two rivers that feed into the largest wild sockeye salmon run left on earth. This is a critical area for the livelihood of tribes and fishermen in the Bristol Bay region— not to mention beautiful vistas and sparkling clean rivers. Some places are just too special to pollute with mining and commercial development, and this is one of those places.

On July 18, the EPA released the proposed 404(c) determination, which launched a 60-day public comment period. During this time, anyone in support of Bristol Bay protections is encouraged to contact the EPA. The EPA needs to hear that people across the United States who care about wild salmon and support the livelihood of local communities are in favor of Bristol Bay protections and the use of the 404(c) veto. The more public comments there are, the greater political cover the EPA will have for making a huge decision to protect Bristol Bay by stopping the Pebble Mine. The 404(c) protections that we are requesting have only been granted 13 times in U.S. history. There has been nearly a decade of hard work to get to this point. Without this final push, we’re back at square one.

Do you want to know more about the history behind this project? Check out our Most Endangered Rivers listing here. You can read about public support for Bristol Bay Rivers here. Information on EPA’s assessment of this situation from earlier this year can be found here. Finally, more information on the 404(c) process is here. Now you are prepared to take action once more for Bristol Bay!

Please tell EPA that you support their use of the 404(c) veto on the Pebble Mine project. We have this one final opportunity to have our voices heard, and encourage EPA to follow the science and stop Pebble Mine once and for all.

Thank you for getting us to this point. Let’s bring it home for the rivers!

8 Responses to “Help Bring Bristol Bay Home!”

Kirsten Lassen-Smith

Let’s protect the little wildlife we got left!

Margaret Rader

Please use the 404(c) veto to stop the Pebble Mine. This is to protect the livelihood of tribes and fishermen in the Bristol Bay area as well as clean water for the wild sockeye salmon.

Tom Kennedy

We absolutely need to conserve & protect ALL pieces of the environment from further destruction, for our grandchildren & our oursevles. Treasures like this are especially worthy of our help.

Steven Wacker

I without a doubt fully support 404c veto to protect this watershed, which is one of only a few places like this that remain and define this country.

Please do the right thing here.

Andrew Hall

I fully support the 404c veto to protect Bristol Bay. We must take a stand against this destruction.