Future Focus

In order to carry out our mission and achieve our vision, American Rivers has developed this new Strategic Plan to make us a more focused and effective conservation organization. Over the next five years, our work will concentrate on protecting the rivers and basins in the United States that we identify as the highest priorities for conservation. In selecting the places where we will work, we will develop and use criteria to assess the importance of the rivers and basins to people and nature, the threats to those rivers and basins, and the opportunities that exist to employ most effectively our problem-solving skills, technical and policy expertise, and local presence around the country. Recognizing that we cannot work on every river and basin, we will select those rivers and basins where we can achieve the greatest conservation benefits and which will serve as models for river conservation efforts by other organizations and agencies.

For each priority river and basin, we will establish clear conservation objectives and metrics to assess our progress toward those objectives and, based on those assessments, make adjustments as necessary to ensure that we are delivering the results we project. We will maximize our effectiveness by deploying our national technical and policy experts to work closely in teams with our regional staff to achieve measurable conservation success in the priority rivers and basins. We will also work in close partnership with other local, regional, and national conservation organizations, as well as individuals, communities and government agen­cies, in priority rivers and basins.

Accordingly, we have identified three Strategic Goals to guide our work over the next five years:

  • Strategic Goal #1: American Rivers will improve the health of rivers across the nation by protecting and restoring flows, connectivity, water quality, and habitats in priority rivers and basins.
  • Strategic Goal #2: American Rivers will be recognized as the leading advocate for river conservation in national policy discussions and debates.
  • Strategic Goal #3: American Rivers will be a financially sound and sustainable organization with a growing base of unrestricted financial support and dedicated support for priority programs.

Download the full Strategic Plan 2014-2018 [PDF] »