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Rebecca Long

Marketing and Communications Associate

Rebecca joined American Rivers in 2016 as the Marketing and Communications Associate.

Prior to working for American Rivers, Rebecca was an Oak Ridge Institute of Science and Education Fellow in the EPA’s Office of Wetlands, Oceans, and Watersheds on their communications team and was a Chesapeake Conservation Corps volunteer at Potomac Conservancy.

Education: B.S. in Environmental Geology from the University of Mary Washington

Favorite River: Potomac River

River Story: Growing up in Alexandria, VA along the Potomac, it’s hard to miss the history of the area. I had George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate down the road and the nation’s capital up it, not to mention all the other historical places a short drive away. I grew up visiting historical points of interest, hiking around battlefields and skimming my way through historical placards, but while my history buff family was busy with the historical significance, I loved exploring the creeks and woods surrounding it all. I didn’t realize the important roles those streams and landscapes played in the DC metro region until my fluvial geomorphology class in college. I became fascinated with the ecological, geological, and environmental importance of river systems, especially in the Chesapeake Bay. After learning that nearly 90% of the DC metro area gets it’s drinking water from the Potomac, I knew I wanted to work in the environmental field protecting rivers. These days I have to hand it to George – he sure did know how to choose the perfect Potomac River view.