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Micah Dandridge

Human Resources and Diversity, Equity, Justice and Inclusion Assistant

I am originally from Richmond, Virginia, and moved up to Northern Virginia when I began college. I majored in Psychology because I have a passion for helping people, but, especially in my concentration, I wanted to help people and become an advocate for employees within the workplace. As important as it is to help employees, I equally wanted to work for an organization that’s overall mission also aligns with my personal mission within the organization and American Rivers embodies all the same qualities that I pride myself on.

Education: B.S. in Human Factors Psychology from George Mason University

Favorite River: The James River

Favorite River Story: Back in high school my friends and I would often go down to Belle Isle, a tiny island/section of the James River in Richmond, just to hangout during the summer as it was the closet thing we had to a Beach within the city.