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Katie Rousseau

Director, Clean Water Supply, Great Lakes

Katie joined American Rivers in 2007. Prior to that, Katie spent several years teaching earth science in Maryland and working as a Geographic Information Systems technician for Lucas County, Ohio. In graduate school, Katie focused her research on watershed management and geographic information systems in the Western Lake Erie Basin.

Education: B.S. in Secondary Education from Ohio University, M.A. in Geography from University of Toledo

Favorite River: Maumee River

River Story: As a young girl, I joined the Girl Scouts. Every summer we would go to day camp at Side Cut Metropark in Maumee, Ohio right on the Maumee River. It was this experience that led me to love the river. When we had the chance to play in the river, I loved looking at all the fish and bugs. I also loved the feeling of the water running through my toes and across the tops of my feet. Now having a daughter, I want her to feel a similar connection to the river, which is why I work so hard to protect the Maumee and other area streams.