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Jenny Hoffner

Vice President, River Conservation Strategies

Jenny Hoffner serves as Vice President for Conservation Strategies leading American Rivers’ conservation practice work to protect wild rivers, restore damaged rivers and conserve clean water for people and nature.  She oversees program areas including river restoration, clean water supply, riverside land protection, and science & economics. She has worked with American Rivers for nine years and in that time has served as the co-lead of American Rivers’ Clean Water Supply program and helped launch American Rivers’ water efficiency and sustainable water supplies work.

She co-authored American Rivers’ report Money Pit: The High Cost and High Risk of Water Supply Reservoirs in the Southeast in 2012 and wrote the report Hidden Reservoir: Why Water Efficiency is the Best Solution for the Southeast in 2008. Largely based on the report, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 4 office adopted Guidelines on Water Efficiency Measures for Water Supply Projects in the Southeast (Guidelines) in June 2010 to require a more robust review of proposed water supply reservoir project alternatives such as water efficiency. These Guidelines have resulted in several dam proposals being withdrawn or permits denied, and moreover the Guidelines have resulted in many rivers remaining free flowing and many communities focusing more on water efficiency and lower cost water supply alternatives. In December 2016, EPA Headquarters officially adopted Best Practices for Water Conservation and Efficiency as an Alternative for Water Supply which updates the Guidelines with water system management and efficiency best practices, metrics and benchmarks to be used in the evaluation of water supply projects across the country.

Prior to joining American Rivers in 2007, Jenny organized an award-winning, multi-stakeholder effort to transform the Bronx River from dumping ground to healthy urban waterway and served as Director of Partnerships for Parks, a network of over 55,000 people and 4,000 park stewardship groups working with 28,000 acres of New York City parks.  She currently serves on the American Water Works Association’s Water Loss Committee.  She has served on the Bureau of Reclamation’s Colorado River Basin Study Municipal & Industrial Water Conservation and Reuse Work Group, the Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District’s Ocmulgee Basin Advisory Committee, the State of Georgia’s Water Loss Technical Advisory Committee and Georgia’s Water Conservation Technical Small Group.

Education: B.A. in Anthropology and Human & Natural Ecology from Emory University, and M.L.A. in Landscape Architecture from the University of Georgia

Favorite River: Bronx River and Chattahoochee River