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Cheryl Cail

Associate Director Low Country, SC North Coast

Cheryl joins American Rivers with a long history as an advocate for clean water and healthy communities. She is a strong voice for equity focusing in the areas of race, gender, and cultural equity. She is a member of the National PFAS Contamination Coalition and has been a grassroots organizer for Clean Water South Carolina. She is the Vice Chief of the Waccamaw Indian People and Chairperson of SC Idle No More; a committee under the SC Indian Affairs Commission, which focuses on protection of the environment, cultural preservation, and indigenous sovereignty. She has been working with communities across the SC North Coast to improve their resilience to climate change especially working to address flooding issues that many of the communities are faced with.

She is also a small business owner (Coastal Carolina Signings, LLC) providing notary services in the North Coast. She is a leader on the Indigenize SC Education Task Force and a tribal consulting member of SC State Museum project which endeavors to be more inclusive of all Native Americans in the state.

Education: She holds dual degrees from Horry-Georgetown Technical College graduating summa cum laude in Legal Studies in 2007 and graduating magna cum laude with an Applied Science degree in Human Services in 2012.

Favorite River: The Waccamaw River holds a deep and significant cultural meaning for me, as well as being a favorite for fishing, kayaking, camping, and hiking.