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Bridget Moran

Associate Director, Puget Sound-Columbia Basin

Bridget joined American Rivers in 2020 and works to protect some of Washington’s finest rivers as Wild and Scenic. She also works on hydropower projects in Washington and Oregon. Bridget has extensive technical fisheries experience with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Whatcom Marine Resources Committee, Skagit River System Cooperative, and Trout Unlimited. Her grassroots advocacy experience stems from her work with North Sound Trout Unlimited, in which she serves as Chapter President. 

Outside of work, Bridget can be found mountain biking, surfing, skiing, hiking, bird watching, and fishing all over the Pacific Northwest. She also enjoys waxing romantic about her home waters and various fishing trips, and occasionally contributes to publications like Dun Magazine and The Flyfish Journal.

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Special Education from Western Washington University, Associates of Applied Science in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences from Bellingham Technical College

Favorite River: The Nooksack River

River Story: On the Grande Ronde one fall, my friend and I were hiking around looking for good runs in which to swing a fly. We started getting wafts of an offensively foul smell but couldn’t identify the source. As my friend went to make her first cast, she got hung up on something. She’d lodged her spey fly into a deer carcass on the river’s edge. Needless to say, I did not offer to help.