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Amy Merrill, Ph.D.

Acting Director, California/SSJ Program

Amy’s work at American Rivers focuses on floodplain restoration in California’s Sacramento San Joaquin Delta and Central Valley. Working with private landowners in this region is critical and developing projects that demonstrate multiple benefits gained from floodplain restoration helps to bring in more participants. Amy also will also be working with public agencies, reclamation and flood control districts and other local entities to identify project solutions that address local needs while also restoring ecological function and beauty to the river corridor. 

Amy joined American Rivers in 2019. Before joining American Rivers, Amy was a senior riparian ecologist with Stillwater Sciences where she supported river and wetland research, restoration and monitoring projects throughout California and Oregon. Amy has expertise in riparian and wetland ecology, monitoring and restoration, carbon cycling and sequestration. 

In her free time, Amy is hiking in and along the bay, rivers, and mountains with her family and friends, or doing the ‘botanical crawl’ in the hills near her home in Berkeley, California.

Education: University of California at Berkeley (Ph.D., wildlands management and ecology), University of Michigan at Ann Arbor (M.S., natural resources management and ecology), Hamilton College (B.A., biology)

Favorite River: The Mokelumne River from its headwaters in the Central Sierra to where it joins the San Joaquin River in the Delta.