Healthy rivers are vital to fish and wildlife and support outdoor activity and healthy lifestyles.

We combine national advocacy with field work in key river basins to deliver the greatest impact. We are practical problem solvers with positions informed by science. To do this, we build partnerships and work closely with local river advocates, business and agriculture interests, recreation groups and others to forge win-win solutions. And with our expertise, outreach, and additional grants, we deliver the highest return on investment.

We’re Driven By Success

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Take a look at what we accomplished last year. And with your support, we will achieve the following successes:

  • Protect wild rivers to safeguard our natural heritage
    Goal: Protect 5,000 new miles of Wild and Scenic Rivers and one million acres of riverside lands.
  • Restore damaged rivers to improve flows, reconnect fish and wildlife habitat and improve public safety
    Goal: Remove 400 hazardous and outdated dams, restore 10,000 miles of rivers and 1,000 acres of floodplains.
  • Conserve clean water to ensure ample supplies for fish, wildlife, agriculture and communities
    Goal: Reduce pollution in 100,000 miles of rivers and improve clean water for one-third of all Americans.

Why Now?

Rivers and freshwater ecosystems are among the most imperiled on earth.

Climate change is bringing more severe droughts and floods, putting increasing pressure on water resources across the country. More than one-third of all counties in the lower 48 states will face higher risks of water shortages by mid-century as a result of climate change.

Pollution and habitat destruction threaten fish and wildlife and our own health and well-being.

Forty-four percent of assessed waterways in the U.S. are too polluted for fishing and swimming, and forty percent of North America’s freshwater species are at risk of extinction.