3 Ways You Can Still Help Clean Up Rivers

By following our Litter Collection Tips, you can still help keep our waters clean and healthy for people and wildlife.

Gallatin River Cleanup | Photo by Brooke Hellstrom

Change starts with small actions and when combined can have a big impact! This is where you come in. You can prevent trash from getting in the river and keep our waters clean and healthy for people and wildlife.

Trash is more than just an eyesore. It’s harmful to wildlife and contaminates rivers, which provide 60 percent of our drinking water. Any trash you see whether on the sidewalk or in a ditch is likely to end up in your local stream or river.

Rivers need your voice

Help us make the world a better place by signing up for opportunities to take action for rivers, clean water and the lives that depend on them.

Here are 3 ways you can take action:

1. Join our virtual cleanup challenge with Litterati 
Help us achieve our litter reduction goals using Litterati, a mobile app that allows user to photograph, upload and tag litter in their area. Participate in our challenge while you walk your dog, spend the day at the park, or while loading the groceries in your car. Together, we can capture and discard more pieces of litter.

2. Take the River Cleanup Pledge
Commit to picking up one piece of trash every day for one month.

3. Organize a small, private cleanup
This cleanup can happen anywhere at any time, it’s up to you. Register your event with us and we’ll ship you free trash bags. 

Litter Collection Tips:

1. Go to a public space like a park, creek or trail in or near your neighborhood to find litter.
2. Carry a bag to collect the litter.
3. Practice social distancing of at least 6 feet between you and others not in your household.
4. Wear a face mask and gloves.
5. Only pick up trash that you’re comfortable collecting. Place sharp objects like broken glass in a solid container and safely dispose it in a trash bin.
6. Dispose litter on-site if available or at your house.

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