Brewing Up a Healthy Neuse River

If you love beer, then you love clean water. And the Neuse River Brewing Company relies on the clean water of the Neuse River to produce quality beers for everyone. But there’s a catch.

Cape Fear Sunset on the Neuse River | Photo: Life of Bryan (Flickr)

This guest blog by Neuse River brewing Company is a part of our America’s Most Endangered Rivers series on the Neuse River and the Cape Rear River.

Keeping North Carolina’s Neuse River clean is critically important to us.

It is the longest river in the state and the vein of our land. It feeds the community and everything around us, from bear to fish to insects. Its waters keep the environment alive.

Many people only know the river through their water faucet because it supplies water that they drink, cook with, and bathe in. However, keeping our river clean is critical for more than just water supply reasons. There is a carbon footprint left by treating and moving water. So, having clean water to start is imperative to reducing the effects of global warming.

It is also important to note that the river drains the landscape all the way to the ocean; when it is polluted, it pollutes our coast.

From a personal perspective, we enjoy biking on the Greenway Trail, kayaking, and being on the water. If the Neuse River is not taken care of, our children and our children’s children won’t have the opportunity to enjoy all the beauty and benefits it provides to us.

We are not just connected to the Neuse through our personal lives, we are also connected to the Neuse through our professional lives, so much so that we named our business after the river: Neuse River Brewing Company. We depend on reliable clean water to brew our beer. As brewery owners, having clean water is vital to our ability to produce a quality and consistent product.

Without protections put in place to keep the river clean, our quality of life would be greatly diminished. We all need to work together to keep the Neuse River swimmable, fishable, and drinkable.

Please join us in asking the Commissioner of the N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Steve Troxler, to champion the protection of this vital natural resource by pushing for full funding of the floodplain buyout program.

Author:  Jennifer and Ryan Kolarov

Jennifer and Ryan are co-owners of the Neuse River Brewing Company in Raleigh, NC, which specializes in Belgian style ales and IPAs.

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  1. Agree, Keep all rivers clean. Pollution Pollutes our drinking water supply and Kills all Marine Life!

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