Film Showcases a Farmer’s Love for California’s San Joaquin River

“Fish versus farms”? Not anymore. Meet Walt Shubin, a farmer fighting to restore the health of California’s San Joaquin River, in this new film from American Rivers.

Our new film, “Walt,” shares his story and captures his determination to restore the river.

When it comes to news about the drought in California, we’re all tired of “fish versus farms” stories that offer false choices and no solutions. Enter Walt Shubin, a farmer who has been fighting to restore the health of the San Joaquin River for decades. Walt remembers the river when it was wild, when its waters flowed, and it was home to abundant fish and wildlife.

I’ve had a love affair with the San Joaquin River since the first time I saw it. I feel that all rivers are national treasures. When that river was wild, it was so beautiful. It was sacred, spiritual. It was a feeling I can’t even describe. Walt Shubin

Learn more and find out how you can help the San Joaquin River, which American Rivers named America’s Most Endangered River® in 2014.

“Walt,” produced by filmmaker Justin Clifton, is part of our series of films using creative storytelling to inspire river conservation. First, we released Parker’s Top 50, about a child’s action-packed adventures along some of the Northwest’s most beautiful rivers. Next came The Important Places, an award-winning film about a father and son reconnecting on a Grand Canyon river trip. This summer, we released Flint, featuring the beauty of Georgia’s Flint River.

All of these films were featured at the Wild & Scenic film festival – and we have more exciting film projects planned for 2016.

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