Frank Schier and Greg Farnum – The Rock River Trail Initiative

Frank Schier and Greg Farnum

Frank Schier and Greg Farnham have been responsible for taking the concept of the Rock River Water Trail in Wisconsin and Illinois from an enduring vision of Frank’s to one of the best documented and planned water trails in the country.

The water trail is 320 miles through 2 states, 11 counties and 37 municipalities along the river corridor, from headwaters above the Horicon National Wildlife Refuge to the Mississippi River at the Quad Cities. The water trail has 155 public access sites, of which 50 sites are designated as accessible to persons with disabilities. All in less than three years. In April 2013 the trail was recognized by the National Park Service by being included in the National Water Trails System.

Frank of Illinois and Greg of Wisconsin, with a management council of dedicated representatives from the eleven counties, have established one of the exemplary water trails in the nation through partnerships with river communities, conservation organizations and local, state and federal agencies.

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