Marian & Stu Maas – Nebraska Wildlife Federation & Mo. Valley Waterfowlers Association of Iowa

Marian and Stu Maas

Marian and Stuart Maas have been advocates of Missouri River Restoration and Recovery since the US Army Corps of Engineers began the process.

Marian is a charter member of the Missouri River Recovery Implementation Committee (MRRIC). They have traveled to every MRRIC meeting in the basin from St. Louis to Montana, on their own dime and their own time, arguing for the restoration and recovery of what should be one of North America’s National Treasures. They reach out to national organization leaders to get involved, support and appreciate a restored river’s recreational value and ecosystem services.

Stuart led a regional effort to protect and restore a state-owned wetland in southwest Iowa for migrating waterfowl. He advocates for ducks, geese, eagles, monarchs and other migrating species in the Missouri River corridor. As a biologist Marian developed a water quality monitoring program and green infrastructure messaging for the Omaha urban stream system, and directed TMDL and CWA 303(d) work at the state level. 

They have shown dedication and personal commitment that should be reflected by us all in our attempts to protect, enhance, and restore North America’s troubled waterways.

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