Gayle Killam

Gayle Killam, the Deputy Director of Rivers and Habitat program at River Network, is a long-time river advocate and principal author of River Network’s “The Clean Water Act Owner’s Manual,” considered the most accessible guide to the Clean Water Act. Since 1988 she has been responsible for training and inspiring scores of clean water advocates around the country on how to understand and successfully implement and enforce the Clean Water Act to better protect their local rivers.

Gayle’s work has emphasized better implementation of water quality programs and review and enforcement of pollution discharge permits, particularly stormwater permits, and increasing awareness of protecting drinking water sources. In the last few years, this work has emphasized the multiple benefits of green infrastructure, and enhancing the connection between stormwater management, smarter growth and climate-friendly development.

Between her expertise, experience and undiminished enthusiasm, Gayle Killam represents the heart of the local river advocacy movement.

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