Richard Ingebretsen – Glen Canyon Institute

Richard Ingebretsen

 Richard Ingebresten has dedicated his life to restoring the Colorado River basin. Richard founded Glen Canyon Institute in 1996, with the help of legendary conservationist David Brower. He first visited Glen Canyon as a young boy scout and developed a great love for the canyons that would later be destroyed by the floodwaters of Lake Powell reservoir.

For the past 18 years, he has dedicated his life to restoring the natural health and beauty of Glen Canyon and the Colorado River. His vision of a restored Glen Canyon and a free flowing Colorado River has remained steadfast. Richard has tirelessly led the Glen Canyon Institute in advocating for science based Colorado River management.

He has built lasting relationships with Colorado River managers throughout the basin while maintaining strong positions on the health of the Colorado River. Today, the scientific research of Glen Canyon Institute is making a significant impact on future Colorado River water management decisions. Richard’s long term commitment and steady approach have had a tremendous influence in current Colorado River dialogue.

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