Kathleen (Kay) Fulcomer – Canoe Cruisers Association

Kay Fulcomer

Kay has been advocating and working for the protection and restoration of the Potomac River and its sub-watersheds throughout Montgomery County, MD for the last three decades. As a science teacher in the county she has taught hundreds of students how to monitor and protect small streams in their watersheds. Now retired, she often brings the fun of environmental activities to students as a special guest teacher.

She has long been involved with Rock Creek Conservancy as one of the most dedicated advocates and supporters of the upper reaches of that watershed, and recently helped to organize the Seneca Creek Watershed Partners.

As one of the leaders and Conservation Chair of the local Canoe Cruisers Association she leads river trips and stream cleanups throughout the Potomac River Watershed and has connected conservation groups and watershed groups with recreational river users. Her activities and efforts with these groups have led her to become one of Montgomery Parks most dedicated and hardest working volunteers.

Kay also served on the Montgomery County Executive’s Water Quality Advisory Group (WQAG) from 2004 to 2010, representing the public-at-large. Her Professional experiences as a local educator were extremely valuable for the WQAG’s Public Outreach Committee as they developed and conducted programs to increase awareness on storm water issues to other stakeholder groups within the County.

Perhaps more than any other volunteer or individual in the area she is involved with the waters of Montgomery County from their headwaters to their confluences and in connecting the various different watershed groups in a common effort to protect and enhance our local rivers, creeks, and streams.

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