Former Congressman Norman “Norm” Dicks

Norman Dicks

Former Congressman for Washington State’s 6th District, Norman DeValois “Norm” Dicks, was a strong voice for river restoration and protection. Leading the way in 2007, Congressman Dicks lobbied in support of a bill to increase funding for environmental protection, national parks and conservation. The bill granted over $12 billion to the Land and Water Conservation Fund and conservation programs, to protect endangered species, forests, coastlines, and combat development.

As part of his many successes, Congressman Dicks has helped lead the effort to clean up Puget Sound and restore its salmon, and he led the charge in Congress to fund the removal of Glines Canyon and Elwha Dams on Elwha River in his home district.

After retiring from Congress in 2013, he continued his contributions to the field as a board member of Long Live the Kings, a Seattle based non-profit working to recover salmon and steelhead in the rivers that drain from the Olympic Mountains into Puget Sound’s Hood Canal.

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