A River Playlist

It started with a song. Or, more precisely, a video.

One of my favorite bands, the Great Lake Swimmers, released a new video for “River’s Edge,” a song off their Lost Channels CD. I posted it to our Facebook page with the question to our followers, “What’s your favorite river song? Here’s mine.”

Within a few hours, we had more comments than we had ever had on any other post.

Suddenly, our page had changed. Before, our users had made a few comments, some people “liked” things. Now, we had a conversation. Field staff were weighing in with visitors from across the country and Canada. These weren’t our usual suspects, either. New people were joining, and discussing the best river songs.

I posted the news on Twitter: “On Facebook now, followers chiming in with their favorite river songs, and providing links. What’s yours? Like us and join the discussion.”

People did.

Suddenly our Facebook page had become a cocktail party. People were commenting, coming back, commenting again.

And the music…

Ella Fitzgerald. Grateful Dead. Live. Merle Haggard. U2. Stone Temple Pilots. Paul Simon. Alice in Chains. Willie Nelson. Paul Simon. R.E.M.

Unlikely duets like Phish and Neil Young. Bruce Springsteen and Sting. Chris Issak and Stevie Nicks. Tina Turner with Oprah and Cher on back-up. Live versions. Studio versions.

And the list goes on and on. With so many great songs, we had no choice but to make a Youtube playlist. We love it. We hope you will, too.

Sixty songs total. Bands you know. Artists you’ve never heard. Old favorites. New classics.

Check out the playlist to see what songs made the list and let us know if we missed something. Like us on Facebook to connect with other river lovers with (mostly) great taste in music. Check us out on Twitter to see what we’ll do next.