Potomac Highlands Restoration Program Success

Our partnership with the Potomac Conservancy has seen tremendous success. Featured in the photos above, the Shenandoah Valley Priority Lands Project in Virginia has successfully worked with private landowners to permanently conserve five local properties. These five properties amount to 1,049 acres, 5.5 stream miles, and 9.4 miles of forested riparian (stream-side) buffers. Read more about the Shenandoah Valley Priority Lands Project.

In April 2012, American Rivers and the Environmental Protection Agency selected eight recipients of $1,673,119 in environmental grants. These benefited communities, and protect rivers and clean water in the Potomac Highlands region of Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia.

The goal of the Potomac Highlands Restoration Program is to support local economies and quality of life improvements in the Potomac Highlands, as well as protecting the Highlands’ valuable ecosystems.

The grants awarded took a diverse approach to improve the Potomac River and include projects that involve conservation easements to permanently protect areas, green infrastructure projects to help improve community water sources, and a greenhouse project that will restore unused mining land, while also providing sustainable fruits and vegetables to the local community.

Learn more about the Potomac Highlands Restoration Program.