Northern Rockies Region

Bull Trout, Big Horn Creek, Wigwam River (Elk River), MT

Bull Trout, Big Horn Creek, MT | Joel Sartore &Wade Fredenberg, USFWS

The Northern Rockies are home to some of the most pristine free-flowing rivers and native trout fisheries left in the lower 48 states, from the Crown of the Continent along the U.S.- Canadian border south to the Greater Yellowstone where the Missouri, Snake and Green rivers are born.

American Rivers is working to protect this region’s healthiest rivers and streams from harmful dams, diversions, and pollution from mining and oil and gas drilling. Our marquee campaign – the Campaign for Montana’s Headwaters – will use a combination of conservation tools to permanently protect key watersheds in western Montana that supply sustainable flows of clean water to native trout, wildlife and local communities.

Working with our local partners, we have recently made great strides in protecting the North Fork of the Flathead River from new mining and oil and gas drilling, and preventing a new dam from drowning the spectacular Teton River canyon in eastern Idaho. In 2009, American Rivers played a major role in gaining Wild and Scenic designations for 400 river miles in the Snake Headwaters of northwest Wyoming.