Beth Styler Barry – Musconetcong Watershed Association

Beth Styler Barry

Beth Styler Barry standing on the ruins of the Finesville Dam

Beth Styler Barry is the Executive Director of Musconetcong Watershed Association in Northwest New Jersey. As the Executive Officer she leads MWA in its work to protect and improve this Wild and Scenic River and its natural and cultural resources.

To date, she has been the driving force for removal of 4 dams on the Musconetcong River and is completing plans to remove two more dams in the near future. She works with the Musconetcong River Restoration Partnership, the Musconetcong River Management Council, local government and citizens to protect and improve the health of the one of the state’s most pristine rivers.

For years she has worked day and night on watershed related activities ranging from training volunteer water quality monitors, leading paddling tours on the river, writing grant proposals, organizing and conducting cleanups, and working with communities within the watershed. She was also a key contributor to the Musconetcong’s designation as a Wild and Scenic River.

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