Ecological Riverfront Design: Restoring Rivers, Connecting Communities

A report by Betsy Otto, Kathleen McCormick, and Michael Leccese

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Table of contents:

Chapter 1: A concise history of urban riverfront development


  • The history of a riverfront city
  • Early redevelopment efforts
  • What’s driving urban riverfront development today
  • Summary

Chapter 2: Urban river health


  • Urban river health in historical context
  • Components of a river ecosystem

Chapter 3: Principles for ecologically sound riverfront design


  • Tailoring the plan to the riverfront corridor and its watershed
  • Overview of ecological principles
  • General principles
  • Planning principles
  • Design principles

Chapter 4: The benefits of restoration and redevelopment


  • Financing riverfront renewal
  • The benefits of restoration and redevelopment

Chapter 5: The Chicago River: A reversal of fortunes
Chapter 6: The Willamette River: A renaissance in the making
Appendix A: More information on river ecosystems
Appendix B: List of references
Appendix C: American Planning Association policy guide on water resources management