President Obama Outlines Bold Vision For Fighting Climate Change

Statement of Bob Irvin, President of American Rivers

June 25th, 2013

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Washington – President Obama today outlined a series of proposals for combating climate change, including reducing carbon pollution and helping communities prepare for more severe floods, droughts, and other impacts of climate change. Bob Irvin, President of American Rivers, made the following statement:

“Fighting climate change is not only our moral responsibility to our children and grandchildren, it is an opportunity to harness our country’s unique strengths to create a stronger economy, healthier environment, and a better world. President Obama is taking action because Congress has failed to do so. We applaud President Obama for his leadership on climate change and for outlining a bold vision to put our country on a better path to the future.”

“Communities across the country are already experiencing more frequent and severe floods and droughts that will become the ‘new normal’ with climate change. Fortunately, we have cost-effective and reliable solutions to help communities prepare. We can protect and restore the wetlands, forests and rivers that are nature’s way of slowing runoff from storms and filtering out pollution to provide clean water. We can use water more efficiently at home, in factories and on farms. And we can install green roofs, rain gardens and green streets in our cities to decrease polluted runoff, improve air quality and lower temperatures.”

“The President’s commitment to cut carbon pollution, help communities deal with the increasingly apparent impacts of climate change, and to position America as the global leader in clean energy technology will have a positive impact on America’s rivers and the people who depend upon them.  All of us at American Rivers look forward to working with the Obama Administration to implement the President’s vision outlined today.”


About American Rivers

About American Rivers

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