Experts available to comment on upcoming Colorado River Basin study

December 6th, 2012

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Washington, DC – Experts from American Rivers are available to comment on the upcoming release of a critical study by the Bureau of Reclamation examining water supply options in the Colorado River Basin. 

The western water policy director of American Rivers, and the Colorado conservation director of American Rivers are both available for interviews about the study, which will be released this month.

Experts available for comment:

  • Matt Niemerski (Washington, DC) – Western Water Policy Director, American Rivers, 202-347-7550
  • Matt Rice (Denver, CO) – Colorado Conservation Director, American Rivers, 303-454-3395

The Colorado River is one of nation’s most important rivers, supplying drinking water for tens of millions of people in seven states, supporting agriculture and other industries, and providing a home to endangered fish and other wildlife.  Yet so much water has been withdrawn from the river to meet the basin’s many needs that in recent years the river has dried up before reaching the sea.

The Bureau of Reclamation’s study will examine the many options for meeting water needs in the basin. American Rivers is working with partners throughout the Colorado River Basin to improve water management, ensure water security, and better balance competing needs.

“With many still reeling from last year’s drought, and another bad drought forecast for next year, there’s a sense of great urgency surrounding the Colorado River Basin Study,” said Matt Niemerski, Western Water Policy Director for American Rivers.

“This study is a critical step toward achieving lasting solutions. We’d like to see a much greater emphasis on reliable, cost-effective water supply measures like conservation and efficiency. As the recent successes with the US-Mexico agreement and the controlled flood from Glen Canyon Dam prove,  we can work together to meet water needs and ensure a healthy Colorado River for future generations,” said Niemerski.


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About American Rivers

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