American Rivers Helps Volunteers Protect Clean Water in Delaware County Neighborhoods

July 28th, 2009

<P>Liz Garland, American Rivers, 717-763-0742<BR>Deborah Lamborn, Community Action Agency of Delaware County, Inc., 610-891-6326<BR></P>

Delaware County, PA — Volunteers working at homes in Lansdowne, Darby, and Yeadon Boroughs will help protect Darby Creek as part of a major project to revitalize the community. American Rivers, Community Action Agency of Delaware County, and the Delaware County Planning Department emphasized the value of clean water and healthy streams for the community by mobilizing more than 200 volunteers who will install rain barrels to catch rainwater and decrease stormwater pollution.

“Clean water is one of the basic building blocks of a healthy community,” said Liz Garland, associate director of clean water for American Rivers in Pennsylvania.  “American Rivers is proud that we were able to work with our partners to bring rain barrels to these neighborhoods. Rain barrels will allow residents to help Darby Creek’s water quality, reduce community flooding, and save money at the same time.”

When it rains in older, developed communities such as the Delaware County boroughs, polluted stormwater often pours directly into rivers from dirty streets and parking lots, or burdens antiquated wastewater and drinking water treatment systems.  This poses a health hazard for people, as well as fish and wildlife

To reduce the effects of stormwater, American Rivers works on the local, state and federal levels to promote a range of green infrastructure solutions — from localized practices such as rain gardens, green roofs and rain barrels, to larger scale efforts for comprehensive low-impact development. These approaches work in concert with nature to collect and filter runoff, reduce flooding, and minimize pollution in our rivers and streams. 

Rain barrels, which attach to downspouts, catch rainwater which would otherwise flow into sewers and over dirty streets. Residents can use the rainwater for outdoor watering, protecting the environment, and saving money at the same time.

The rain barrels will be installed at homes in a community within Lansdowne, Darby, and Yeadon Boroughs so residents will take the first step at revitalizing their neighborhood and contributing to stormwater solutions.  The rain barrels are attractive additions to the home which provide residents with water useful for gardens and other home projects. Each rain barrel is a small step towards helping municipalities manage stormwater wisely. American Rivers recommends the next step for residents is involvement in municipal stormwater solutions such as the Yeadon Borough Hall permeable parking lot and forthcoming rain gardens. Healthy water and healthy communities begins at home but moves downstream and across the neighborhood.

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About American Rivers

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