American Rivers and EPA award $250,000 grant to protect Adams County forests and clean water

April 12th, 2012

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Washington, DC – American Rivers and the Environmental Protection Agency today announced that a forest and clean water protection effort in Adams County, PA will receive a $250,000 grant, as part of a comprehensive initiative to protect and restore rivers in the Potomac Highlands region.

The grant will help the Land Conservancy of Adams County, Pennsylvania implement the Marsh Creek Watershed Conservation Easement project – an effort to preserve more than 147 acres of forest through a conservation easement. These high quality forestlands include the headwaters of Marsh Creek and are adjacent to more than 900 acres of preserved forestland that provide important bird habitat. LCAC has been awarded funding to preserve additional orchard lands from the USDA’s Farm and Ranchlands Protection Program and the Adams County commissioners.

“This grant allows American Rivers to not only have a tremendous impact on the health of the region’s rivers and clean water, but also on economic prosperity and quality of life,” said Chris Williams, Senior Vice President for Conservation at American Rivers. “We congratulate the Land Conservancy of Adams County on their hard work and innovative ideas, and we look forward to seeing the many benefits to clean water and people. We hope this project inspires other communities and can be replicated across the region and the nation.”

American Rivers is implementing the EPA grant program that awards local, innovative solutions to benefit clean water and local economies. A total of $1,373,119 is being awarded to six projects to protect rivers and clean water in the Potomac Highlands region of Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia.

The Highlands region is the headwaters of the Potomac River, which flows through the nation’s capital. The region’s forests and streams provide rich habitat for fish, wildlife, and plants, as well as increasingly popular recreation and tourism destinations. Many of the region’s streams have been damaged by harmful logging, mining, dams, and other development, but opportunities abound for river restoration and revitalization.

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About American Rivers

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