Working Together to Keep Them Running Free

The Wild and Scenic river story doesn’t end when a river is designated. Local advocates and governments, federal agencies, and groups like American Rivers must work together to ensure the special values of the river are protected and enhanced. Partnerships can help enhance the protection and management of these outstanding rivers and the lands along them.

American Rivers and other river advocates across the country have joined to create the National Wild and Scenic Rivers Network. The Network will serve as both a hub for those working to protect Wild and Scenic rivers across the country and a place to share information and provide a collective voice at the national level for good river management across the Wild and Scenic River System.

Local river groups around the country are actively engaged in protecting the Wild and Scenic River in your backyard. The best way to get involved with protecting your Wild and Scenic river is to contact your local river group: Click here to contact your local river group [xls].

A video from the Interagency Wild and Scenic Rivers Council: