What is Efficiency (And What It’s Not)

Water efficiency accomplishes more with less by using the best available technology and using water in smarter and more innovative ways. Water efficiency is different from water conservation which, while also important, is generally more focused on changing behavior and habits like turning off the tap while brushing your teeth.

Water efficiency does not mean doing less. Water efficiency isn’t about asking citizens to shower once a week or plant a cactus in the front yard.

Water efficiency is about flushing high-efficiency toilets and growing your trees and flowers with rainwater or gray water — instead of high quality drinking water. It is about sustaining a high quality of life. It is about using innovative and smart technology to use less water to accomplish the same work.

Water efficiency is simply the most cost-effective and immediate way to ensure safe, clean and available water for our families, neighbors and businesses. 

Wondering how much water you use at home?  Alliance for Water Efficiency created this useful water calculator at its home water works site.

EPA’s WaterSense program seeks to help consumers make smart water choices that save money and maintain high environmental standards without compromising performance.

WaterSense partners — as part of a larger coalition of water-conscious organizations — have launched a public service campaign called Wasting Water is Weird.  It really is when you think about it—and that’s the problem. We don’t. You see, there’s this moment when using water becomes wasting water. That’s when things start getting weird.

Don’t take our word for it. Just watch Rip. He explains it better than we ever could: