Removal of Hoffman Park Dam at Lansdowne, PA

Description: The Hoffman Park Dam was a stone masonry dam that was approximately 4 feet high and 40 feet long. The age of the dam is unknown; it appears in the PA DEP Division of Dam Safety records in 1919, but likely dates to the early- or mid-1800s. The dam was previously breached on river right and was owned by the Borough of Lansdowne. Removal of the dam and associated bank stabilization activities were completed in October 2012.

Benefits of removal: Removal of the dam eliminated the direct cause of the backwater condition that negatively impacted in-stream habitat, and allows for the movement of resident and migratory fishes. Removal should also alleviate localized flooding upstream of the former dam location and eliminate a safety hazard.

Darby Creek - Hoffman-before-after | © Laura Craig