State Climate Adaptation Planning

States are embracing green infrastructure like this Green Street in Portland, OR, as they prepare for climate change

States are increasingly beginning to realize that preparing for the impacts of climate change is vital to public health, the economy, and the environment. Failure to consider climate change in the policy, permitting, and investment decisions they make will leave states worse off in the future. A number of states have undertaken comprehensive planning processes as a result. In many cases, these plans embrace green infrastructure and water efficiency as the most cost-effective and flexible solutions for dealing with greater floods, droughts, and water pollution problems.

American Rivers has been closely involved in adaptation planning around the country. We helped develop plans in Washington state, Pennsylvania [PDF], and Maryland. We have also sponsored webinars to foster discussion and help states learn from each other about the best ways to prepare for climate change. Finally, we are analyzing a number of state plans as they emerge in order to better understand what strategies states are embracing and how planning processes can be improved.

State of preparedness – state adaptation plan analyses: