Our Rivers and Global Warming Work

Colorado River Basin Study Overview

In December 2012, the Bureau of Reclamation released the Colorado River Basin Study, a comprehensive look at projected water shortages and outdated water management in a basin that the American west has drawn heavily on for decades.

Greening Water Infrastructure

Greening Water Infrastructure: 21st century solutions to protect clean water, health, and public safety. Projects include transforming our infrstructure to include restoring floodplains, ensuring water supply, and removing unsafe dams.

How Sustainable Water Strategies Prepare Communities for a Changing Climate

Clean water is essential to our health, our communities, and our lives.  Yet our water infrastructure ‰– drinking water, wastewater and stormwater systems, dams and levees – grave; is seriously outdated.  In addition, we have degraded much of our essential natural infrastructure – forests, streams, wetlands, and floodplains. Global warming will worsen the situation, as rising temperatures, increased water demands, extended droughts, and intense storms strain our water supplies, flood our communities and pollute our waterways.

Upper Flint River Working Group

A key element of our project in the upper Flint is to help convene an Upper Flint River Working Group, a group of diverse stakeholders coming together with the common goal of restoring healthy flows in the upper Flint. Although the Flint has suffered in recent years from declining low flows, collaborative work on finding solutions can restore the river to health.

Weathering Change: Policy Reforms that Cost Less and Make Communities Safer

Many federal policies still encourage the same backward-looking water management approaches that didn‰'t work in the past and are even less suited to the future. This report shared 10 reforms that showcase the best ways we can change federal policies and embrace a forward-looking approach to water management.