Coming Soon: The Blue Trails Guide

Waccamaw River, SC | Charles Slate

A river house on west creek, Waccamaw River, SC | Charles Slate

We’re very excited to announce that we are completely overhauling and updating the Blue Trails Guide website. It will provide better resources and great ways for you to connect with your river. Stay tuned for a relaunch in June 2014!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

The Blue Trails Guide provides step-by-step instructions for developing a thriving blue trail in your community.

A blue trail is a dedicated stretch of river that enjoys special clean water safeguards and is a destination for fishing, boating, and other recreation. Blue trails, like hiking trails, help people discover rivers and provide a connection between urban and rural communities and the great outdoors. Blue trails provide a fun and exciting way to get youth outdoors and are economic drivers benefiting local businesses and quality of life.

This online guide will help your community discover, protect, and connect to the great outdoors through river restoration, protection, and recreation.