Protecting California’s Flowing Rivers

Water is critical to life in California. Among other things, we need it to grow our food, to fuel our industry, and for swimming, boating, and fishing. In addition, water is needed to maintain our rivers as healthy and vibrant habitats. Through California Instream Flow Protection, American Rivers is ensuring that California rivers have sufficient flows to provide a range of services such as: supplying clean water to communities, providing habitat for fish, and moving sediment downstream. Learn how we are promoting and implementing this work in the Sierra, along the Central Coast, and across California:

Using partnerships in the Sierra, and models from water trusts across the Pacific Northwest, American Rivers is providing the tools for acquisition and use of donated water to restore watersheds.

Agricultural usage accounts for roughly 80 percent of the water use in California. American Rivers believes that smart management of agricultural water can fill both the needs of our farms and wildlife.

  • Water Neutrality

Water security issues call for Californian’s to take responsibility for their water usage. American Rivers is seeking to increase water use efficiency, and offer ways for corporations and municipalities to “offset” their water use footprints.