Grazing Benefits on Restored Meadows

Both rivers and ranchers benefit when meadows are restored.  Healthy meadows filter and store water.  This improves water quality and augments lateseason stream flows, while providing habitat for fish and wildlife.  Ranchers also benefit directly when restoration improves livestock forage on meadows that are grazed.

Nearly half the meadows in the Sierra are privately owned, and many have been stewarded and protected by ranching families for generations. American Rivers is partnering with the Environmental Defense Fund, UC Davis, CABY, and the Nevada County and Tuolumne County Resource Conservation Districts to quantify the costs and benefits of meadow restoration on privately-owned meadows.  In addition we are working with ranchers to understand how to best craft win-win conservation programs that restore the Sierra’s working meadows.  This project complements American Rivers’ other work on Sierra headwater meadows and is funded by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.