Hope Valley Restoration Project: A Collaborative Effort

Hope Valley CAHope Valley, CA | Julie Fair

The West Fork of the Carson River meanders through Hope Valley into the Carson River Basin, providing valuable habitat for fish and wildlife and clean water for drinking and irrigation downstream. As an integral component of this interstate watershed, Hope Valley Meadow provides natural water storage, flood attenuation, cooling and filtering of water, aquatic and riparian habitat, and is a popular recreational destination for visitors from throughout California and Nevada. However, while Hope Valley Meadow maintains important ecological and recreational value, the meadow’s ecological function and productivity have been reduced through historical landuse impacts, such as heavy grazing in the 1800s.

Through support from the Sierra Nevada Conservancy and National Fish and Wildlife Foundation American Rivers is leading an effort to assess restoration needs in Hope Valley Meadow and develop designs to improve the meadow’s hydrologic function and wildlife habitat. The project will repair the upper 400 acres of Hope Valley, including 1.8 miles of stream channel with the overall goal to enhance the full range of ecosystem services this highly visible and well-known meadow provides. Collaborators in the project include: the US Forest Service, Alpine Watershed Group, Friends of Hope Valley, Institute for Bird Populations, Trout Unlimited, and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Bank stabilization Hope ValleyBank stabilization | Julie Fair

With technical support from Waterways Consulting, the project team has developed permit ready technical designs and will be completing the NEPA process in the coming year. The project team invites interested stakeholders to participate in this collaborative process. American Rivers and Alpine Watershed Group (AWG), with assistance from Friends of Hope Valley (FOHV), will continue to coordinate public meetings to solicit input and comments on restoration designs from community stakeholders.  AWG and FOHV have also recruited and trained a core group of Hope Valley Meadow Stewards that conduct ongoing assessment and monitoring work for the project.

For more information about the restoration needs of Hope Valley check out these project materials:

To be notified of stakeholder meetings please email jfair@americanrivers.org. If you are interesting in volunteering with the Hope Valley Meadow Stewards please contact the Alpine Watershed Group at awg.shane@gmail.com or Friends of Hope Valley at info@hopevalleyca.com.