Green Infrastructure to Alleviate Flooding

Laying down porous pavers in the General Mills parking lot helps the facility reduce their stormwater fees.

American Rivers completed retrofitting over 12 acres of impervious surface in the Wilson Park Creek Subwatershed.

One of the projects was a 4,987 square foot roof at the Islamic Society of Milwaukee’s building at 4707 S. 13th St. which houses a school that serves grades 6th-12th. The gymnasium roof is overlooked by over 13 windows throughout the hallways and classrooms on the second floor of this building. The school hopes to incorporate the green roof into their science curriculum, and help students learn more about the natural environment and Lake Michigan.

A second project was retrofitting a parking lot at General Mills. The parking lot was reengineered with swaths of porous pavers to capture runoff of the entire two-acre area, this in turn helps the facility reduce their stormwater fees. 

Through the continued clustering of best management practices and implementation of green infrastructure projects within this subwatershed, American Rivers hopes to improve water quality and reduce the volume, rate and temperature of stormwater runoff within Wilson Park Creek and the Kinnickinnic River.

By reducing the amount of stormwater runoff by 391,132 gallons per one-inch storm with these projects, they hope to continue on the path towards the long-term goal of reducing the 100-year storm peak flow to Wilson Park Creek.

This in turn will reduce the loading of Phosphorus, Fecal Coliform and TSS flowing into Lake Michigan. The projects were funded and supported by the Fund for Lake Michigan, Joyce Foundation and MMSD.