Stormwater Management in the Yuba Watershed

In the heart of Nevada County, American Rivers has installed two raingardens and a bioswale that, each year, capture and filter over 3 million gallons of stormwater runoff from 2 acres of parkinglots. In addition, a pathway of permeable pavement demonstrates a new, runoff-reducing technology (that also needs no deicing in winter) to library and building department visitors.

These green infrastructure installations remove pollution and sediment that would otherwise flow downstream to the Yuba River through the spawning grounds of one of the last remaining wild populations of spring run Chinook salmon.


Monitoring and Evaluation Report for the Stormwater Demonstration Project at the Nevada County Rood Center

(December 2011) Exactly how much pollution was removed and how much water soaked in during the first winter?  The benefits of this project are scientifically quantified in this report.

The project is funded by the Green Project Reserve of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, in which 20% of funds were reserved for green infrastructure projects.