Cleanup Results Survey

National River Cleanup® Results Survey

American Rivers uses this important data to effectively show the state of our rivers, in terms of trash, to elected officials around the nation.  We are also able to measure the growth and progress of National River Cleanup™, while providing free trash bags, support, and media attention.

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Your Cleanup Statistics 


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Number of volunteers who attended your cleanup(s)


Estimated total pounds of trash (including bagged trash, bulk trash, and tires)

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Please list the percentage next to the type of trash found at your cleanup. (Please make it add up to 100% total.)

 Plastic (bottles, bags, caps, straws, or containers) Styrofoam (containers, pieces, cups) Paper (including cardboard) Cigarette butts Appliances Scrap Metal Car Parts (not including tires) Tires Other
Number of tires collected

What percentage of your trash was made up of recyclable items?

Did you recycle these items?
How many hours did you spend planning the cleanup?
How many hours were spent by your volunteers cleaning up?
What type of media coverage, if any, did your cleanup receive? (select all that apply) 

Where did you learn about National River Cleanup™?


How did you recruit your cleanup volunteers(select all that apply)? 


Do you plan to participate in National River Cleanup™ next year?


If Yes, please share any comments you have about these items:

What was the best part of your cleanup or best quote?


Interesting items found:

Did any of your volunteers find your cleanup through American Rivers’ interactive map?

Did any elected officials (i.e. city council members, mayors, state representatives) attend your cleanup? 

If yes, who?