Potomac Highlands Restoration – Grant Program

American Rivers – EPA Potomac Highlands Implementation Grant Program

Potomac Highlands (photo by Meghan Morgavan)

The Potomac Highlands region hosts some of most diverse and globally important resources on Earth, supporting more than 116 different fish species. But rivers and streams in the Highlands suffer from a long history of logging, mining, and dam construction. Thankfully, additional funding is now available to assist communities in MD, PA, VA, and WV in addressing these problems.

Funds awarded through the American Rivers-EPA Potomac Highlands Implementation Grant Program are focused on projects that foster local, innovative solutions to improve the natural resources and socio-economic conditions in the Potomac Highlands. Learn more about projects benefitting from this program here.

The American Rivers – EPA Potomac Highlands Implementation Grant Program provides financial support for a wide variety of projects that protect and restore the Potomac Highlands ecosystem, while benefiting its human communities. Grants range from $150,000-$300,000 and will be restricted to the implementation phase of projects.

Application are not currently being accepted for funding.

Request for Proposals – Full Package (updated 4-12-12) (package includes Program Funding Guidelines (updated 4-12-12), Grant Application Format, Application Budget, Grant Application Instructions)


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For additional information, please contact the appropriate American Rivers staff person below.

For projects located in:

  • Maryland: Serena McClain, 202-347-7550, ext. 3004
  • Pennsylvania (Bedford, Fulton, Somerset counties): Lisa Hollingsworth-Segedy, 412-727-6130
  • Pennsylvania (Franklin, Adams counties): Laura Craig, 856-786-9000
  • Virginia: Serena McClain, 202-347-7550, ext. 3004
  • West Virginia: Jamie Mierau, 202-347-7550, ext. 3003